Because where you live should empower how you live

Aldersgate is a community of abundant opportunities. For those who want to live fully and flourish at the center of life, Aldersgate offers everything in one dynamic and idyllic location. Before choosing any community, it’s essential to decide what’s most important to you and whether your new community empowers you to live the life you’ll love.

Ask yourself, “What’s important to my style of living?”

  • If being in nature daily is medicine for your soul, choose a community that makes it easy to access the natural world with plenty of space to roam.
  • If wellness is important to you, engage with people of similar passions, healthy meal options and fitness offerings that make healthy living easy.
  • If staying socially active and giving back feels right to you, plant yourself where your interests, talents and passions can take root and grow.

Everything mentioned above is just a few of the many reasons people choose Aldersgate.

Got Questions

If you are interested in more Lifestyle options at Aldersgate, please call (704) 532-7000 to schedule your own personal tour.