Activities & Amenities

Honoring your independent lifestyle and love of variety

Aldersgate residents love all that Charlotte and the Carolinas offer, from shopping to dining to cultural events. Music, art, lectures, theatre, sporting events—if there’s interest, there’s an excursion in the works! We honor your independent lifestyle of planning your day around the things you enjoy.

Activities & Amenities

Your Kind of Social

Aldersgate is a social, convivial community with interesting and active residents who continually shape the activities we offer. Simply put, this is your community. What do you want to do today?

  • Weekly movie nights
  • Concerts at the lake
  • Cooking with the Chef classes
  • Mahjong, bridge and chess groups
  • Lawn bocce, croquet and golf
  • Biweekly happy hours and shopping trips
Your kind of social - A Non-profit Life Plan Community at Aldersgate

Explore Your Creative Self

Whether continuing to perfect a hobby or exploring something new, we offer you a rich environment to become your most creative self.

  • Ceramics and pottery
  • Basket weaving
  • Knitting and needlework groups
  • Painting and photography
  • Brand-new wood shop
  • Gardening
Explore Your Creative Self | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Lifelong Learning

Keep up with technology—and the community around us. Learn about our local heritage or adopt a new skill.

  • Computer and other tech classes
  • Book clubs
  • Gardening plots
  • Lectures from university professors
  • Spanish class
  • Charlotte Museum of History
Lifelong Learning | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Spiritual Support

Aldersgate is a spiritual community that features its own worship spaces and study groups. We are welcoming of all traditions and denominations.

  • Centering prayer and meditative prayer led by our Chaplin
  • Celebration of Jewish holidays
  • Ivey Bible class
  • Vespers services
  • Hymnal sing-alongs
  • Support groups for grief
Spiritual Support | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Wellzesta Community App

Upon entrance, every independent living resident receives an iPad to ensure they can access Wellzesta, a private community app that keeps everyone connected. Residents can:

  • Chat and make new friends
  • Start social groups
  • Request help with repairs
  • See what dishes are on the menu today
  • See and RSVP to events, classes and activities
Wellzesta Community App | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Full Community Partnership

Holiday Light Tour - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Inaugurated in December 2020, our annual Festival of Lights shares a magical winter wonderland with the greater Charlotte community, while keeping visitors warm and safe in their own cars. In 2020, this driving tour attracted tens of local sponsors, allowing us to deck our 231-acre community in sparking lights, Christmas trees and even a bit of (fake) snow! Hundreds of attendees joined us for some socially distanced holiday cheer.

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If you are interested in more Lifestyle options at Aldersgate, please call (704) 532-7000 to schedule your own personal tour.

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