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Listen and learn how Aldersgate is reshaping the present and future of retirement living in Charlotte, NC.
Aldersgate OnAir puts a voice to our name! We invite you to settle in and listen to interviews about our community’s unique philosophy, intriguing stories and perspectives—all of which make Aldersgate such a special place to live.

Episode 18

Innovative In-Home Care with Molly Martin

We are joined today by Molly Martin, Director of Aldersgate at Home (A@H) , as well as Brooks Shelley, Aldersgate Chief Brand Strategy & Community Engagement Officer Brooks Shelly, for an informative discussion about the various features and benefits of A@H, such as quality personal care, health and support services, technological enhancements, the admissions process, and most importantly the personal connections and lasting relationships that are built between Aldersgate’s clients, staff, and family members.

Episode 17

Audiology at Aldersgate with Dr. Tomas Cabrera

Joining us today is Charlotte-based audiologist Dr. Tomas Cabrera, who has partnered with Aldersgate to begin the process of providing on-site resources for residents affected by hearing loss. In this candid conversation, Dr. Cabrera discusses overall awareness of hearing loss, options for treatment, advances in technology, possible supportive legislation, common misconceptions, and his partnership with Aldersgate in their commitment to honor elders.

Episode 16

LGBT Inclusion with Carola Cárdenas

Joining us today to discuss their work with SAGE and SAGECare is Carola Cárdenas, Aldersagate’s Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Officer. Carola describes the relationship with SAGE, the varying levels of certifications and credentials, how Aldersgate achieved the coveted Platinum certification, what being a SAGE credentialed community means, and the impact it has on the industry.

Episode 15

Careers with a Cause

Joining us today to talk about Aldersgate’s unique hiring philosophies and career opportunities are employee relations manager Kylee Hodge, and Director of Human Resources Juliette Hyusuv. So, if you’re considering making the move back into the workplace or if you know someone who is, check out this conversation and see why Aldersgate could be right for you!

Episode 14

Advocacy for Elders

We are joined today by Tom Akins, President and CEO of LeadingAge North Carolina. The association, based in Raleigh, has nearly 70 nonprofit member communities statewide, including continuing care retirement communities, Life Plan communities, and affordable housing providers. With 25 years in the industry, Tom provides tremendous insight into the inner workings of LeadingAge and its role in advocacy, education, research, and networking.

Episode 13


Joining us today is Pape Ndiaye, a Senegalese immigrant and the owner/operator of House of Africa, an amazing art gallery and shop with locations in Charlotte and New York. In addition to running his shops, Pape is the founder of Charlotte’s Juneteenth Festival and has been its lead organizer for over two decades.

Episode 12

Mapping Out the Future

Joining us today to talk about Aldersgate’s master site plan vision are Aldersgate Life Plan Services CEO Suzanne Pugh, Shook Kelley founding partner and principal Terry Shook, and Senior VP of Development Lee Cochran from Laurel Street Residential. Together, these three (along with other partners) are working to make these dreams a reality.

Episode 11

Breaking Barriers

Today’s guest is the inspirational Mary Wilson, who not only serves on the board of directors at Aldersgate, but also holds the distinction of being both the first woman and the first person of color to have headed the board as chair. And while Mary’s list of accomplishments and career highlights is impressive, to say the least, she is remarkably humble while still being entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking.

Episode 10

The Urban Farm

Today on Aldersgate OnAir, we are thrilled to explore the world of urban farming—“the growing of plants and raising of animals in and around cities,” as defined by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization. Urban agriculture is reshaping local food systems across the country. Farmers and gardeners in and around cities areas are creating new economic, social and environmental opportunities.

Episode 9

COVID-19 Awareness

Vaccines for COVID-19 are finally on their way, providing a much-needed vision of hope and security. There are, however, concern and hesitancy among some people about getting a vaccine once available.

The leadership at Aldersgate recognized these disparities and concerns and wanted to address them firsthand. So they assembled an internal task force to answer some of the most important questions about the vaccine and to hopefully alleviate some of these concerns and apprehensions.

Episode 8

Workforce Solutions

COVID-19 has had an immense impact on the world. Everyone is affected. The team at Aldersgate recognized the immediate impact it was having on its frontline workers and set out to create assistance solutions to help these team members and their families make it through this tough time.

Joining us today to talk about these innovative solutions are Kathlene Hendrick, Aldersgate Director of Human Resources, and Brooks Shelley, Aldersgate Director of Branding and Community Engagement. Tune in to hear them discuss the genesis of this epic initiative, and how they are able to provide this much needed relief.

Episode 7

George Moffat and ourBRIDGE

In part two of this two-part episode, we speak with Aldersgate resident George Moffat, who learned later in life that he was adopted and had an entirely different identity and ethnicity than those he grew up with. George paints a vivid picture of how these discoveries changed his outlook and perspective on life, and also drove him to become a volunteer mentor with ourBRIDGE for KIDS.

This is a unique and incredible tale of self-discovery and inspiration that you won’t want to miss!

Episode 6

Sil Ganzó and ourBRIDGE

In 2003, Sil Ganzó arrived in the United States from Argentina when an opportunity for work presented itself. Seven years later, having recognized the lack of educational, social and emotional support for newly arrived children, Sil began working with refugee and immigrant families through an afterschool program called The Bridge. She eventually became its program director.

In 2014, The Bridge was set to close down. Because of her close relationships with families, schoolteachers and community partners, Sil decided she could not allow the program to end and simply walk away. So, Sil created ourBRIDGE for KIDS, a nonprofit that provides a safe, nurturing and respectful environment for refugee and immigrant children and their families.

Episode 5

Meet the Sunset Crew

In today’s OnAir episode, we’re chatting it up with Mick and Maggie Miller, two members of a loosely knit group of Aldersgate resident cocktailers who have become known by some as “The Sunset Crew.” Though not an official club, the gang is known to host informal get-togethers by the outdoor firepit, usually around sunset and usually over, well … cocktails!

If there’s one thing that the Sunset Crew has been successful at, it’s bringing people together to celebrate friendship and share stories. So today, we thought we’d share this really fun episode with you. Cheers!

Episode 4

The American Dream

In this very special double episode, we’ll explore the definition of the American Dream and what it will take to make it a reality. We’re joined today by two very special guests who work tirelessly to make the world a better place: Boris Henderson, Aldersgate Chief Strategy Officer and Veronica Calderon, Aldersgate Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Officer.

Boris and Veronica speak from their personal experiences of growing up in the United States and being treated differently based on the color of their skin, and they answer questions about what it will take to leave behind outdated ways of thinking and acting to come up with real-world collaborative solutions. And because the best way to solve a problem is to start with the truth, they will be speaking unedited, honestly and from the heart.

Episode 3

Aldersgate on Ageism

Ageism is a quiet “ism” in the United States. In reality, it isn’t addressed as often as other “isms.” In fact, AARP research uncovered that advertising targeted at older adults is pervasively ageist and that 9 out of 10 people over 50 find advertising messages to be missing the mark.

Part of the Aldersgate mission is to call attention to ageism and help people see through the filters. And since Aldersgate’s own Maria Hagadorn and Brooks Shelly are both loud and proud about tackling this topic head-on, we asked them back on the show to discuss it. We also invited Aldersgate resident Anne Behrend to share her thoughts on ageism and the remarkable way that she is making the most of her time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 2

COVID 19: Fact From Fiction

While the 24/7 news cycle floods us with coronavirus updates across the country and around the globe, what is often most useful is to hear how COVID-19 is affecting our local communities. There’s still so much we just don’t know—even medical professionals are looking for guidance. So while we wait for new developments, we can feel grounded by concrete examples of daily life close to home.

Today, we check in with Aldersgate’s own Director of Health Services Brooke Hodge for a boots-on-the-ground perspective, as well as with Director of Marketing and Engagement Brooks Shelley for his inside scoop on some fun “distant socializing” activities he has planned for the community.

Episode 1


Welcome to Aldersgate OnAir! Aldersgate is a unique community that is both a place and a concept. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, on hundreds of acres of beautiful land, Aldersgate offers a variety of gorgeous housing options and health services for people 62 and older. A pet-friendly environment with natural trails and a serene lake set the stage.

Founded by the United Methodists, Aldersgate Life Plan Services is a non-profit organization that takes up the charge against ageism in the United States and embodies a commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity with a diverse board of directors. It is giving form to these principles by developing a brand-new 62+ community, Generations, at Shalom Park in South Charlotte.

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