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Aldersgate campus map

When it comes to living choices in Charlotte, NC, Aldersgate offers the greatest variety you’ll find. Choose from our four cottage-style neighborhoods with that home-of-your-own feeling, complete with a garage, lawn, garden and natural surroundings. Or opt for the more upscale, cosmopolitan style of our newly built Gateway Apartments and Villas with a choice of patio or deck. Or select from our updated apartments with views and easy access to all of Aldersgate’s amenities, dining and recreational opportunities.

Campus Map

Mixed-use development

The mixed-use development plan aims to ride the wave of East Charlotte’s resurgence as one of the city’s best places for homeownership, and include commercial amenities such as medical office space, restaurants, retail and more. Our plan will elevate Aldersgate’s appeal as a special place to live, work, play and create connections between peoples and cultures. Shook Kelley, a nationally recognized architectural firm, is creating an artful design that will balance utility and beauty.

  • Aldersgate partnered with Laurel Street Development.
  • A walkable, multifamily, mixed-income, 236-residence community which includes 200 age-restricted apartments for people age 55+.
  • Planned commercial space and services tailored to serve the larger neighborhood and enriching the lives of the residents of Aldersgate.
  • Significant green space, a park, a dog park and other natural amenities, such as a breathtaking tree-rich landscape.
  • A future unique-rate, for-sale residential community that will provide a highly sought-after housing choice near our campus.
View at Main Willard Farrow Entrance - A Non-profit Life Plan Community
View from Green - A Non-profit Life Plan Community
View from Shamrock Drive - A Non-profit Life Plan Community
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Come see the campus for yourself! Please call (704) 532-7000 to schedule your tour of Aldersgate.