What is CCRC?

What is a Life Plan or Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

Aldersgate is a non-profit Life Plan Community (also known as a continuing care retirement community or CCRC) that offers a full continuum of care to people age 62+ in high-quality residences.

Aldersgate’s vast variety and expansive services allow us to focus on individual wants and needs of elders with an enhanced lifestyle, concierge amenities, wellness opportunities, fulfilling social experiences and rewarding cultural opportunities. This means meeting residents where they are in the continuum of life and valuing their uniqueness.

Active, independent adults have the peace of mind of knowing that if they or their partner need additional care, a full continuum of health services is available right where they live. These services include assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, home care, a wellness clinic, and short-term rehabilitation after a surgery or medical event.

What is the process for joining independent living?

  1. People join the community as active, independent living adults and select a residence of their choice. (Assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing may be available to non-residents, based on availability).
  2. Upon selection, a 10% deposit (of the selected residence’s entrance fee) is made to hold the cottage, apartment or villa until move-in.
  3. Residents pay a one-time entrance fee and an affordable ongoing monthly service fee just prior to moving in. These fees vary based on the residence’s style and size and whether it is occupied by a single person or a couple—more about fees below.
  4. Residents are welcomed to Aldersgate and begin enjoying the freedom and peace of mind of a Life Plan Community, without worrying about home maintenance. They control their long-term care needs.

What are Life Plan (or CCRC) fees?

You pay two primary types of fees to Aldersgate: the entrance fee and the monthly service fee. The entrance fee is paid prior to move-in and provides access to a lifetime of services and amenities. As a resident, you also receive the peace of mind of knowing that should you ever need it, priority access to long term care are available at a discounted fee.

Three entrance fee options: 0%, 50% and 90% refundability.

At the termination of the agreement, we handle remarketing the residence and return the refundable portion of the entrance fee to the resident or the estate. The lower the refund amount, the more affordable the entrance fee.

0% Refundable: You pay a reduced entrance fee that is amortized over 50 months. Should you live in the community for fewer than 50 months, a return of a portion of the entrance fee could be due after termination of the agreement, depending upon your contract.

50% Refundable: Fifty percent of the entrance fee is returned to the resident or the estate after the agreement’s termination. Should you live in the community for fewer than 50 months, a return greater than 50% would be due after the agreement’s termination.

90% Refundable: Ninety percent of the entrance fee is returned to the resident or the estate after the agreement’s termination.

CCRC Fees | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community
What is CCRC Without Walls?

Want to stay in your home but wish you had all the perks of a Life Plan Community? This unique opportunity allows you to reserve priority move-in status with Aldersgate while living at home.

Even if your health condition changes later, you’ll still be allowed to move. Aldersgate is the first and only community to offer a lifestyle option of this kind in the greater Charlotte area. CCRC without Walls empowers planners to take control of their destiny while bestowing many benefits now!

Got Questions

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