Aldersgate is a supportive environment for finding purpose, staying engaged and being of service

We believe in the power of volunteerism and living a life of purpose. Like many things at Aldersgate, volunteering can take many forms. Here are just a few of the many volunteer activities you’ll find our residents engaged in:

Summer Literacy Camp - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Summer Literacy Camp

For six weeks every summer, our residents work with school-age children to build reading, writing and study skills. This intergenerational program keeps kids engaged in learning during the summer months and helps prepare them for better academic performance in the year ahead.

Urban Farm | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

The Urban Farm

Our new Urban Farm at Aldersgate seeks assistance in numerous supporting roles to grow farm-fresh foods for our local neighbors and residents.

Bridges Mentoring Program | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Bridges Mentoring Program

This mentoring program pairs school-age students with elder adults. Through the bonds they create, adults build youngsters’ self-esteem, teach life skills and goal setting, and simply provide someone willing to listen.

Acting Our Age | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

“Acting Our Age”

This acclaimed stage production, written and acted by Aldersgate residents, weaves together pivotal life moments to create a dramatic tapestry, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Charlotte Museum of History | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Charlotte Museum of History

The Charlotte Museum of History is a gem of a place, located right on the Aldersgate campus! Volunteers help with daily tours of the historic Alexander Rock House, admissions, school programs and administrative duties.

Hub for Non-Profit Organizations | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Hub for Non-profit Organizations

With six non-profits within Aldersgate and our outreach to the local community, we encourage our residents to bring their gifts to our community and engage in new and exciting hobbies. We partner with 60+ organizations, many of whom meet regularly on our campus, making it easier for our residents to participate.

On-Campus Service | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

On-Campus Service

As a non-profit Life Plan Community, Aldersgate offers plenty of opportunities to get involved right here. By serving on our many resident committees, including marketing, finance, dining and much more, you’ll discover your calling to serve. People are coming to Aldersgate to donate hours to local area businesses and organizations.

Resident Sponsored Service Groups | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Resident- and Corporate-Sponsored Groups

We create an opportunity for residents to pursue meaningful connections at every turn. If you have a project, club or charity you’re passionate about, we’ll help you launch it at the Aldersgate community. Corporate groups including Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Truist participate onsite with volunteer projects as well.

Got Questions

Email philanthropy@aldersgateccrc.com to make a donation.