Expanding our impact and reach into the East Charlotte community

While the vast majority of Life Plan communities are content with providing quality living environments for their elders, Aldersgate believes that non-profit retirement communities can and should try to do more. That’s why our board, residents and leadership take an entrepreneurial spirit to philanthropy. We reach out to our local community in the spirit of collaboration to build bridges and create solutions.

How Aldersgate and our residents support student success and achievement

Many of our residents stand with us to create positive change throughout East Charlotte. As lifelong learners, natural teachers and mentors, our residents have a bevy of collective talents that we harness to make a difference for local students.

Summer Literacy Camp - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Summer Literacy Camp

For six weeks every summer, our residents work with school-age children to build reading, writing and study skills.

Bridges Mentoring Program | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

ourBRIDGE for Kids

This intergenerational mentoring program pairs school-age immigrant children with elders from our community.

GenOne for Higher Ed - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

GenOne for Higher Ed

This non-profit helps students from underserved communities to prepare, navigate and enroll in higher education.

Supporting team members in times of need

During 2020, we responded to the unexpected with vital solutions and assistance for our team members.

Learning Pod - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Learning Support Pod

We created the Learning Support Pod to provide a stable learning environment for our team member’s children during the pandemic school closures.

Food Pantry - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Food Pantry for Team Members

We created a food pantry stocked with free, nutritious groceries that are culturally relevant and of ample variety to address food insecurity.

Meet the Heroes | Aldersgate - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

The Hero Fund

We matched contributions from our residents and outside sources dollar-for-dollar to raise $131,000 for our team members during COVID-19.

Support for local businesses

We believe in supporting our local businesses through partnership and patronage. The benefits of supporting local businesses help us live our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity by spending funds locally that would be spent anyway.

Manalo's Bakery - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Manolo’s Latin Bakery

We purchase a cake from Charlotte’s first Hispanic bakery for every Aldersgate resident on his or her birthday, as well as one for each student enrolled in our ourBRIDGE for Kids.

Lang Van - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Lang Van Vietnamese

When customers heard the restaurant might be in trouble, Aldersgate was there! Buying meals and gift certificates from Lang Van supports our local community’s economy.

Southern Blossom - A Non-profit Life Plan Community

Southern Blossom

We partner with a local Hispanic florist for all our floral needs. In return, we are refunded 10% of our purchase each year which is donated to our Guardian Angel Fund.

Got Questions

Call our Chief Branding and Community Engagement Officer Brooks Shelley at (704) 307-6231 or email at Brookss@AldersgateLiving.org to learn more.